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Central figure of Abu Ghraib detainee abuse freed - CBS News

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Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review. Michael Keller. Walmart After 10 years of delay, a federal judge has ruled that three former inmates who say they were tortured at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison can go forward with their lawsuit against a military contractor.

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The company, which supplied the Army with civilian interrogators, argued that the government's refusal to declassify key facts is making it impossible to defend itself. District Judge Leonie Brinkema acknowledged CACI's frustration but said the lawsuit can move forward even though the government says certain facts like the identities of the interrogators are state secrets that can't be declassified. The case is now slated to go to trial in April.

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While other pretrial matters remain unresolved, Brinkema told both sides that "you should expect if you don't settle this case, it'll go to trial. The lawsuit, first filed in , has previously been tossed out on multiple occasions, but each time the 4th U.

Who's To Blame For Torture At Abu Ghraib?

Circuit of Appeals in Richmond has revived the case and ordered the district court to take a closer look. Brinkema said she has interpreted her mandate from the 4th Circuit as one that generally requires her to get the case in front of a jury. The judge did say, though, that she expects to toss one of the four Iraqi plaintiffs from the case because his allegations of abuse largely occurred before CACI interrogators arrived in Iraq in late September The inmates say they were beaten and tortured by military police officers who were acting at the direction of civilian interrogators who wanted the inmates "softened up" for questioning.

Some of the inmates who filed the lawsuit, with assistance from the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights, say they suffered abuse mirroring some of the most well-documented incidents that shocked the world's conscience when photos from Abu Ghraib were publicized 15 years ago, including being stacked into naked human pyramids.

Report Claims American Psychological Association Secretly Supported Torture Policy

CACI says none of its interrogators are linked to the abuse suffered by the inmates who are suing. CACI's lawyers have expressed concern that they will be unfairly tarnished in front of the jury by the worst of what occurred at Abu Ghraib when they say it was military police who conducted the worst abuse. Open main navigation Live TV. Full Schedule. Rooms have been transformed and renovated. CNN was told, but not shown, that a few hundred prisoners are here already, in a revamped part of the facility that can hold up to 3, prisoners.

New Torture Allegations at Abu Ghraib

The capacity is critical to help deal with overcrowding at Iraq's other facilities and the potential security threat. The Iraqi government is going to great lengths to try to change the image this facility has.

It organized a tour for journalists, very carefully orchestrated by the Ministry of Justice. Murtada Sharif, the only Ministry of Justice official to speak to CNN on camera about the prison, admitted Abu Ghraib is synonymous in people's minds with the inhumane acts that took place there both before and after the fall of Saddam in A wing that used to hold a thousand prisoners In Saddam Hussein's time now is ready for Cells that used to hold between 30 and 50 people now have a capacity of eight.

Prisoners and their families actually get to see each other -- the prisoners behind a cage-like structure, the families on the other side of the fence, in a courtyard with a playground for the children. Again, it is part of the whole effort to create a different atmosphere. But human rights organizations in Iraq say abuse and torture remain routine in Iraq's detention facilities.

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  • Passing and the Problem of Identity in Afro-American Literature: A Study of N. Larsen and J.W. Johnson.