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However, about the Stabat Mater there is no doubt.

It is known that in his early years he composed a Stabat Mater in A minor. The commission for this work was given by the same Order in Naples for which Alessandro Scarlatti had composed a Stabat Mater in in Though the score of the compositions is almost identical, the melodic lines of Pergolesi are more sentimental and highly ornamented. The piece was widely acclaimed and it seems to have inspired many composers to imitate, paraphrase and adapt see Brunetti , de Nardis and Paisiello.

Joseph Eybler — , who was a friend of Mozart and who became Court Kapellmeister in Vienna after Antonio Salieri, added a choir to replace some of the duets, and extended the orchestra. The well-known producer Frank Fitzpatrick, who also composed music for numerous movies, recently produced a CD in a kind of hip-hop style for the singer Sasha Lazard, with a Stabat Mater composition by him, based on Pergolesi See CD This group is a string quartet, but they sing, too, playing all kinds of music, from Cole Porter to Mozart.

Though they are a kind of musical clowns, their interpretation of the music comes close to being serious. It plays during the film titles. The work is divided into twelve sections, varying from one to five stanzas. Very moving melodies, which led to some criticism because they were thought to be too cheerful. Interesting is the line "dum e-mi-sit" which is sung intermittently, as a musical picture of the last breaths of Jesus. This is found also with some other composers. Some interpretations deviate from the composer's score, as a choir has been added to the two voices see the second Colorbar, based on CD 2.

This is probably based on the Eybler adaptation. The "Analecta"-version of the text is used, with one change: - Stanza 16, line 2: not "Passionis eius sortem" but "Passionis fac consortem". These registrations appeared earlier on LP. It is a fine performance, with excellent soloists, though the use of a full-bodied string orchestra is not exactly as Pergolesi prescribed.

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I bought this CD in a record shop in the Netherlands, A nice collection of Stabat Maters and some other works, even if the registrations are rather old. As it is the only Bononcini registration that I know of, every collector should have it. Pergolesi was recorded in The performance deviates from the original score, as a choir is used in some sections, and, of course, a full-bodied string orchestra.

Another fine performance, with excellent soloists, though again the use of a full-bodied string orchestra is not exactly as Pergolesi prescribed.

Some people find this interpretation too florid. I like this one, even if I am not very fond of trebles, because the interpretation is as close to the original as possible. No female singers are used, and the accompaniment is as Pergolesi wrote. Pure Pergolesi! Recorded at the St.

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Joriskerk, Amersfoort, Netherlands, in May This CD tries to paint a picture of the festivities that took place in the streets of Naples in the 18th century during processions hold in honor of the Virgin of the Seven Sorrows, on the Friday before Palm Sunday. Recorded in Paris, February The Pergolesi Stabat Mater is performed with a light accompaniment, as it should, but stanzas 1, 3, 10 and 20 are sung not by soloists, but by a choir.

Nice performance, with fine soloists, but again, with the use of a full-bodied string orchestra. Even faster than CD 5.

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Yet again, with the use of a full-bodied string orchestra. Also, the soloists are partly — during 6 stanzas — replaced by a female choir. Nevertheless, a performance worth listening to, in a suitable location. Moreover, it features the world premiere of the Stabat Mater by Fiocco.

Pergolesi Stabat Mater I - Stabat Mater Dolorosa. Duet. Partitura. Audición.

It is a recording of a concert performed on April 1, in the St. Petrus church at Oirschot. It is a pity that very little information is given with this CD. Goth in its purest and darkest sense! Nevertheless, I like it!

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The normal string orchestra has been extended by clavicord, piano and church organ. Stanzas 2 and 4 are played as orchestral interludes, while stanza 10 is a toccata-like organ solo. It was only in this opulent, sonorous version, which Otto Nicolai and three composer colleagues offered to 19th century Viennese music lovers. The piece is of medium difficulty. In the Viennese version it is a rarity that offers an enrichment to the repertoire for choirs wishing to discover something new.

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A look inside. View sheet music perusal score vocal score perusal score choral score. Product information. You might also be interested in. Gioachino Rossini: Stabat Mater Shop. Not the right thing?

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