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The results showed that the autonomy-based higher education arrangement as stipulated in Act No. The strategies of higher education policy in the arrangement of higher education are divided based on the policies in academic and non-academic. The authority of government in the autonomy-based higher education is through institutional control and coordination. Since the past two decades or so, the question of functionality of Nigerian educational products has been an issue of concern and a subject of discussion among educational analysts. One reason for this requirement is to equip their citizenry with employable skills to enable them produce and use the goods and services which any society needs for its socio-economic growth.

This paper, therefore, examines the role of skill acquisition in the transformation of Nigerian economy and proffers suggestions on how it can be repositioned to transform Nigerian education. In this paper, factors affecting the types of domestic violence against women was determined by multinomial logistic regression model.

In the study, the variable of the types of domestic violence against women was used as dependent variable that has four levels.

In addition, twelve independent variables were used removing irrelevant variables from the data set via chi-square test of independence. After that, the maximum likelihood estimates and the odds ratios of the variables of the model were obtained. Besides, the validity of the model was tested by likelihood ratio test. At last, comparisons were made for three categories depending on the odds ratio according to the selected reference category. Batu Bumbun Sanctuary Middle Mahakam Lake is very important for the fishermen community and Mahakam Irrawaddy Dolphin life concerned to its function as the source of fish and as the feeding ground of Irrawaddy Dolphin Orcaella brevirostris.

The changes in the forest function and the climate such as rainfall and water surfaces are predicted to have caused suppression in the ecosystem of Batu Bumbun Sanctuary. The aim of this study is to evaluate the current ecosystem changes of Batu Bumbun Sanctuary and suggest a suitable management strategy as a way to conserve its function.

The measured parameters were including water quality DO, pH, temperature, TSS, TDS, alkalinity, and clarity , vegetation composition, rainfall, water surface elevation, and sediment. The data of fish community were analysed by using Shanon-Wiener index.

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research -

The result showed that: 1 The current condition of Batu Bumbun biophysical ecosystem has been experiencing a heavy degradation, showed by a high fluctuation of the water surface in two extreme seasons such as the flood in rainy seasons and silt up in the dry season. The dominant tree species was Putat Barringtonia asiatica and Perupuk Lophopetalum javanicum. From those result, it can be concluded that Batu Bumbun has been experiencing a heavy degradation showed by a high fluctuation of water surface, vegetation composition, and heavy siltation.

Then, the most suitable suggestion for its management was a dredging, b revegetation, c restocking native fish, d establishing an appropriate institute, e preventing illegal fishing, and f increasing its security. In these activities, the workers doing the work manually with ergonomic postures that can cause a complaint to the musculoskeletal system.

In a preliminary study, a questionnaire used Nordic Body Map is used to identify specific problems in parts of the body and using REBA Rapid Entire Body Assessment to determine the level of risk working posture. This preliminary study shows that workers have a lot of complaints on the part of their body with a high level of risk and very high. For that we need a tool that can reduce the complaints of the musculoskeletal system. Tools in the form of work chair. The purpose of this study was to design an ergonomic office chair and is equipped with several features to accommodate the needs and conditions in PT Pinaco Utama Indonesia.

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The first step of this research is to develop the expectations of the office chair features information then is poured into a design concept. Furthermore, this concept is manifested in a more specific design taking into account the anthropometric dimensions of the workers. Making the design and production cost calculation is made to perform a feasibility analysis in this research. Orji, J. Food security has been a major challenge to the world populace over the last few centuries because of the alarming concern of disease outbreak caused by consumption of contaminated food and food products.

This study determined the bacteriological quality of fermented cassava garri sold in Okwor and Nkalagu markets in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. A total of sixteen 16 samples 8 white and 8 yellow were purchased from the two markets and processed using standard procedures. The results revealed a high microbial burden in the garri samples examined ranging from 6.

The pH values of the garri samples purchased from both markets ranged from 5. Out of the sixteen samples, a total of 32 bacterial isolates were obtained, out of which 14 Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Streptococcus species were isolated from Okwor market while Yersinia species, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Bacillus cereus, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus were isolated from Nkalagu market.

The study reveals unacceptable bioload in garri from both markets. The heavy bacterial contamination and vast array of bacteria isolated from the garri sold in both markets portend alarming danger posed by consumption of garri sold in these markets. Therefore renewed vigilance on the efficacies of food processing conditions, handling techniques and handlers technical knowhow, personal hygiene practices and safety of finished products are hereby recommended.

The world oil industry are common in offshore areas that are included in a corrosive environment, so that the low-carbon steel bolts A will gradually corroded. Therefore, an alternative that can be done to reduce the corrosion rate that is by coating with a Hot dip galvanizing method. The purpose of this study to improve the quality of products from low carbon steel bolts A with the addition of Zinc Aluminium alloy on the results of the Hot Dip Galvanizing.

Results of testing the hardness of the lowest obtained in quenching time of 30 seconds is HVN and the highest hardness obtained on quenching time of 60 seconds is HVN. To microstructure shows that the phase Eta which is soft on the surface of the outermost started a little not as much time quenching 30 seconds so that the nature of its decline and violence increased, the phase Zeta that are hard are widely spread meet the layer of phase resulting in hardness of the coating while quenching 45 seconds exceed the hardness of quenching time of 30 seconds.

Results of analysis of the rate of corrosion that galvanized coating on each test is different and the structure of ferrite and pearlite, it looks clear. For quenching time of 30 seconds obvious difference in galvanized layer thicker than quenching time of 45 and 60 seconds. Potential hydrocarbon regions in the southern region of the Niger delta Basin of Nigeria have been identified from gravity and magnetic data.

The enhanced residual data obtained from least square analysis method was interpreted by inverse and forward modeling techniques using Potent-3D software. The results reveal potential hydrocarbon environment at depths of between 1, m to 3, m from the gravity data and depths of 2, m to 4, m from the magnetic data.

To manage file transfer operation, various tools have been developed so far. However, these tools can not respond adequately for conduct a secure transfer. Also few works have been done using encrypted voice controlled system yet. By regarding this lack, we investigate how to built a useful and secure tool.

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Net and C. Here we depict the prominence of encryption in voice controlled systems.

Many people at the time of their death regret of them not doing certain things in their lives. So why not grant them another chance to live their lives upto their expectations. Why do we die? The answer is because our cells stop dividing. Why does cell stop dividing? Computing technology has evolved in such dramatic ways that a child can use such technology and their features.

Internet is one such technology which allows peripheral devices to be connected to each other, creating a network to share information. In the same way information can be attacked. In this paper we will be discussing the different types of cyber-attack that recently took place in Fiji. Common attacks discussed in this review paper are phishing, email scams, website defacement, and skimming.

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Apart from common preventative methods, some novel recommendations have been made. We believe the Fiji experiences and recommendations will assist technology users prepare better against such attacks. Authentication factors refer to user login credentials that a user supplies to an authentication process for it to decide whether to grant or deny access. While two-factor and three-factor authentication generally provides better security than one-factor authentication, the aim of this paper is to review, security in individual authentication factor credentials that are in use nowadays.

The paper details current security gaps and some novel approaches to diminish the gaps in these authentication factors. We believe that our recommendations will inspire development of better authentication credentials and systems. This paper presents a controller design for position and sway control of nonlinear gantry crane system. A realistic model is obtained since there is no simplification and linearization on the model. All mass and inertia properties of system components were taken into consideration as were in reality. The hoisting cable was treated as elastic and the first six modes are used in calculations.

Performance of the proposed control scheme is tested for different inputs. Simulation results are given for evaluation and discussion. Ciphers are the encryption methods to prepare the algorithm for encryption and decryption. The currently known ciphers are not strong enough to protect the data. Random-X cipher is a unique substitution cipher which replaces the units of plaintext with triplets of letters.

The beauty of this cipher is that the encrypted string of the same plain text is not always same. This makes it strong and difficult to crack. This paper covers the principle, the implementation ideas and testing of Random-X cipher. Ethical gaps in the Ready-Made Garment industry of Bangladesh has emerged as a growing concern for the nation and the economy.

The industry that is regarded as the backbone of the economy has come under global criticism for negligence in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility. Although recent catastrophes has led to improvements in compliance, there needs to be further understanding of what areas of CSR needs to addressed intensely with regard to sustaining the industry in the competitive global markets. This paper analyses the relationship of the critical factors of internal and external factors of CSR linked to consumer behavior in the RMG industry of Bangladesh.