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By the afternoon of 13 April , the Shin Bet in Israel received the photographs. Israeli intelligence and United States intelligence had previously secretly agreed to cooperate on security matters. The photographs were delivered to him. While Khrushchev was not hesitant to point out the flaws in Stalinist practice in regard to the purges of the army and party and the management of the Great Patriotic War i. Khrushchev was a staunch party man and he lauded Leninism and communist ideology in his speech as often as he condemned Stalin's actions.

Stalin, Khrushchev argued, was the primary victim of the deleterious effect of the cult of personality [16] which through his existing flaws had transformed him from a crucial part of the victories of Lenin into a paranoiac, easily influenced by the "rabid enemy of our party", Lavrentiy Beria. On 30 June , the Central Committee of the party issued a resolution titled " On Overcoming the Cult of the Individual and Its Consequences " which served as the party's official and public pronouncement on the Stalin era.

Written under the guidance of Mikhail Suslov , it did not mention Khrushchev's specific allegations. Khrushchev's speech was followed by a period of liberalisation known as Khrushchev's Thaw into the early s. In , the body of Stalin was removed from public view in Lenin's mausoleum and buried in the Kremlin Wall Necropolis.

As to how, and in what social conditions, a bloodthirsty paranoiac could for twenty-five years exercise unlimited despotic power over a country of two hundred million inhabitants, which throughout that period had been blessed with the most progressive and democratic system of government in human history—to this enigma the speech offered no clue whatever. All that was certain was that the Soviet system and the party itself remained impeccably pure and bore no responsibility for the tyrant's atrocities".

Western revisionist historians also tended to take a somewhat critical view of the speech. Arch Getty commented in that "Khrushchev's revelations [ It is hard to avoid the impression that the revelations had political purposes in Khrushchev's struggle with Molotov , Malenkov , and Kaganovich ". But many western historians were sceptical about Khrushchev's efforts to lay all the blame for past communist crimes on Stalin".

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Malenkov 4. Khrushchev 5. Brezhnev 6. Andropov 7.

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De-Stalinization: The Secret speech (1956)

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