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However, I find that when he goes to the Bible and sticks with the text, he does fairly well. His exposition works well——he illumines the text and its meaning. Driscoll does a more than adequate job of taking the text and relating it to our world today. Americans and American Christians are no different, sadly , pay far too much attention to what their self-esteem is.

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As believers, we should be far more concerned with our Christ-esteem: do we esteem Him at all? If so, how much? How is that seen in our lives, our deeds, our words? Driscoll forces us to use Scripture to think on these things. However, the book is, overall, very readable. I commend this book to you…if you can set your preconceived thoughts of the author aside long enough to read it. Jan 18, Coyle rated it really liked it. Mark Driscoll may not know it or heck, maybe he does , but when he wrote a book about searching for personal identity he stepped directly into one of the fundamental philosophical questions of the 20th century: who am I?

We should look deep down within ourselves to find out who we are most fundamentally by nature. Think this sounds easy? Not according to Heidegger, Marcuse, Camus, Sartre, or even the Christian response to these thinkers by Francis Schaeffer to say nothing of the legion of other philosophers who have tackled this issue.

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Who do you think you are? Is an exposition of the book of Ephesians that engages the question of personal identity. In the first chapter, he lays out the crisis of identity that the modern world seems to be going through.

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In other words, at the end of the day we are fundamentally and authentically defining ourselves by our sin. When we do what the modern philosophers tell us to do and examine our own hearts and minds, what we find is that the person who should have been an image-bearer of the God who made him has become an image-bearer of anything and everything else.

Jun 30, Philip rated it really liked it. If you go ahead and read it, you be delighted to find a practical commentary on the book of Ephesians, which focuses predominantly on the issue of Christian identity. In Him, we are victorious, and saints, and filled with the Spirit, and we could just keep on going.

This little work unpacks the implications of what it means to find our identity as saints rather than as sinners. If you open your heart, you will be encouraged and changed. Mar 18, John Majors rated it really liked it. Though not a big fan of his preaching, I've often found Driscoll's writing insightful. He has a way of summarizing key ideas succinctly and memorably. This book is sort of a summary of his sermon series on Ephesians.

If you're looking for a book to work through a little at a time like for a morning devotion , this is great.

2. What is God’s mark, or symbol, of authority?

Ephesians is such a powerful book for understanding who we are in Christ. There are some great insights in this book, like: 1. Seven things forgiveness is, 2. Fourteen types of biblical affliction, 4. A chart on the difference between conviction and condemnation. Lots of great content, combined with powerful life change stories, which makes for a great read that will help many believers walk in Christ in all areas of life.

Nov 17, Ryan rated it really liked it. A practical exposition of Ephesians, focused on our identity in Christ. Good work. Apr 14, Sullivan Vaughn added it.

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When I first got this book, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. I felt like I might get bored and I assumed that it will just be a lot of information and not be very interesting. As I started to read this book I ended up getting very into it.

Be Still and Know that I Am God

There was a lot of biblical information in it but there was a lot of statements, bible verses and stories that really opened my eyes and applied to my life at the moment. I ended up really liking this book. Basically, this book is about finding out who When I first got this book, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. Basically, this book is about finding out who you are in Jesus, as you can tell from the title. The chapters describe different topics like forgiveness, being saved, worship, love, reconciliation and etc.

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The way the book is written is very youth friendly. I never got bored and the way the author wrote about Jesus and the stories he told honestly made me see God, life and myself in a completely different way. It really made me think about the way I see myself and how I live my life. Writing a review on this isn't exactly easy because there isn't really a story line..

But basically this book is just challenging the reader to think about how they see God and their identity in him.


I would highly recommend this book to many people who are interested in strengthening their relationship with God. I would also recommend this to people who are struggling with their identity and struggling to find how who they are in Christ, and in this world. I know if definitely changed how I think and I would hope that it would change others too. Dec 15, Jeanie rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle. What does it mean to have your identity in Christ.

As Christians do we consider what we have placed our identity in. Do we know and how can we know. Pastor Mark has an I am statement beginning with a question mark and each statement thereafter with a statement being in Christ. He shares personal testimonies of those who have battled their identity in Christ. It is a battle in every area of our lives. In relationships, what we do and ultimately who we are. While Satan tells us did God say, just a What does it mean to have your identity in Christ. Rightly knowing our identity affects our relationship with God and others.

I think just like Job who lost everything knew who he was in Christ knew reality and clung to the truth which is who God is. A humbling study that causes you to think further View all 3 comments. Jan 02, David Steele rated it really liked it Shelves: theology , discipleship. I have read several of Driscoll's books over the years.

This new release is a decisive moment of depth, maturity, and pastoral wisdom. You know who you are!