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During the fourth week you will learn about the relationship between your strengths and strengths of people around you. As the result you will find out about how different sets of strengths interplay with each other to form dream teams. During the fifth week, you will focus on the road ahead after the course towards strengths-based lifestyle.

As the result, you will develop a plan for application and development of your strengths for the nearest future. During the last week, you will discover the essential role your weaknesses play in the strength-based lifestyle. As the result, you will learn a framework for addressing your weaknesses on daily basis and continue playing to your strengths.

Full EUR Ultimate EUR I learned how to create more deep, honest interactions more regularly, and it is transforming my experiences and my contentment with life. The fact that there are strengths experts assigned to every course taker - it's invaluable. Everyone should experience this for themselves and learn their strengths and discover how optimally to use them.

Every time you order Discover Your Strengths course we donate all proceeds to happydays foundation. Don Clifton did more than create the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment. Learn about the history of CliftonStrengths and the movement he started. Learn how the Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building and Strategic Thinking domains of CliftonStrengths help you join, create and lead great teams. Learn how the best organizations use CliftonStrengths to improve employee engagement, boost productivity and performance, and grow their business.

Learn how your college, university or school can empower, engage and develop thriving students and entire campuses using CliftonStrengths. Learn how the CliftonStrengths assessment helps you improve in your career, succeed at work and live your strongest life possible. Want more collaborative teams? Engaged employees? Greater productivity?

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Stop searching and start leading your team to greatness using CliftonStrengths. Learn how to succeed using the Executing domain of CliftonStrengths.

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Popularized in Gallup's bestselling book Strengths Based Leadership. Learn how to succeed using the Relationship Building domain of CliftonStrengths. Learn how to succeed using the Strategic Thinking domain of CliftonStrengths. At one point, it felt very unsafe for everyone, so my friends and I informed the authorities at the club and they swiftly came over and dealt with that individual. When in times of danger, it is best to let somebody else take care of it, especially when they know how to deal with it.

I conducted several experiments to attempt to attain certain results, but it was to no avail. After much contemplation, I told my teacher that it was impossible to get those results that we thought were possible. In science, a negative outcome is viewed poorly.

However, I convinced my teacher to change the scope and goal of the project.

Conduct a Personal SWOT Analysis to Improve Your Career

This time around, I got results which were more realistic and I could work with it to derive a conclusion. It was not a failure, but a learning experience. Normally, I teach a handful of subjects that I was qualified and experienced to teach. However, due to a shortage of personnel, all teachers had to take various more classes. I normally taught sciences but after the reshuffle, I taught math as well. The upside was that I was able to revise my math knowledge, which is also important for science. I adapted quite well to this change.

Whereas I was more proactive and assertive, he was more reserved and did his own thing in his own way.

I did not want to tell him to be more assertive because he was very good at what he was doing, doing it his own way. I toned down my type A personality traits and made him aware that although we were quite different, we could get along and get the job done. We successfully completed all projects and developed a good friendship. I knew my friends since elementary school, so I always had a tight-knit group of pals that were like my second family.

I was looking forward to university, because I could meet new people from various backgrounds. While it was daunting at first, I quickly introduced myself to others and got to know many great people who I can proudly call my friends. When the studying pressure was building up, I could rely on them to cheer me up and give me some encouragement.

In addition, I had to write a report of everything I learned at the factory. To utilize my time efficiently, I jotted down notes in between breaks at the factory, since all of the information was fresh on my mind. As a result, I was already preparing the report as I was working in the factory. When I was at the head office, there were some breaks in between emailing and calling suppliers.

That is when I continued writing my report. I made sure to use all the time available to me to work and complete tasks punctually. Learn more about being more productive and time management. The semester lasted 4 months, so I segmented the entire fabrication process into several steps that had to be completed over the entire semester. Each week, we dealt with one particular step, starting with silicon processing, moving on to pyrex processing, and finally ending with wafer bonding.

Each week, students presented the results of their experiments in the form of a presentation. This was used to assess how much they actually learned. I had a project plan that outlined what had to be achieved. After the first couple of months, when I faced a few hurdles, I realized that reaching every single milestone might not be feasible in such a short amount of time. I had to reassess which were the most important aspects to consider and focused entirely on those things. I still arrived at excellent results at the very end of the time frame. So I enrolled in online courses and slowly learned some programming languages, like JavaScript and Python.

I practiced almost every day and made good progress. Every week I completed one chapter of each language and was inching one step closer to developing an app.

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Now, after 8 months of training, I have developed an app already and am working on my own website. I am an English teacher by trade, with a degree in English.

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I wanted to hold spelling bee tournaments at the school to get students interested in learning new English words. So I took on that responsibility and taught students the format. I myself am a very sporty person and I wanted to take charge of the sports events at school. I managed the entire event and coordinated with other staff members. I have to merge all of these to create a great user interactive experience. Moreover, I need to keep checking for bugs on the back-end so that users can access a large database with ease, all while navigating through a well-designed site with great interaction.

It is not easy to do both of these things, in a time when people are specializing in one portion. However, I get to learn everything and I deliver excellent results, overseeing the entire project. I complete the ones that take the least amount of time first, so that those clients receive their work as soon as possible. If a job takes more time and effort based on my estimation, I inform those clients and give them a complete breakdown so that we agree to deliver it on a later date. As a result, I am never lost and always know what to do on which day.

I outlined the entire project duration and segmented it into several parts — research the company, design the building, construct the building. I worked with several other engineers and delegated tasks to save a lot of time so that I could focus on what I was good at — overseeing the entire construction process. We completed the project on time and the tech firm was pleased.

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The inauguration ceremony of the concert was supposed to have a fantastic orchestra with fireworks and a video playing on a large screen. Throughout the performance, the music was playing and the fireworks were exploding, but the video never played.

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Due to technical difficulties, the audience never got to see the amazing footage we shot. I felt very bad at the time, because all that hard work went down the drain. However, I learned from this experience and prepared extra hard for future concerts. When I was working under them before, I noticed there were some processes that could be streamlined and optimized further. Now that I was a line manager like everybody else, I presented my case to the rest of them and showed factual evidence on how to improve the production process.

They were initially reluctant but soon came around and saw things my way. Since the recruits were fresh graduates, they relied on me to learn technical things of the semiconductor industry. I provided reading materials to all the trainees so that they can learn things in their spare time. Whenever they had questions, I was open and ready to answer them. I wanted them to feel welcome to clarify their doubts and since I have the knowledge, I wanted to impart it to them. Emails can be a tricky medium of communication to get your message across.

I made sure to be polite and respectful while still being assertive in informing my team members why they needed to put in more time and effort.